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Case Studies


Please click on the images below to view the various hydro projects.

If you are using a mobile phone you will need an app for .swf files to see the slide show.

Low Head Sites  

20kW Archimedes Screw 20 kW Screw

54 kW Archimedes Screw 54 kW Screw

34 kW Archimedes Screw 34 kW Screw

60 kW Crossflow 60 kW Crossflow

Medium Head Sites  

case study 5 12 kW Crossflow

case study 7 112 kW Crossflow

case study 6 20 kW Crossflow

case stusy 8 145 kW Crossflow

High Head Sites  

case study 9 20 kW Pelton

150 kW Pelton 150 kW Pelton